Saturday, April 23, 2011


As the sun rose, forming elongated shadows of the tall trees in front of our little house, I sat on a little stool waiting for it to rise above the trees and shine upon me. Had it been within my capacity, I could cut the long trees that obstructed me from the sun.

On my hands was a letter that admitted me to Nairobi High School. It was now stained and was fading out since it was four years old. My memory flashed back to the stint I received the letter, and how my family had been so blissful for me, but a happiness blended with fear and sadness.

By then I was still a little lad, and everything I did had to meet the prerequisite from me of pleasing my parents. I had excelled in my Primary Education examination and found admission at Nairobi High School. I then looked at the countenance on my parents’ faces. It was a amalgam of joy and intense sadness. I couldn’t help but let waterworks roll out from my eyes and I never wiped them as they saturated my cheeks. I felt a bitter bulge form in my throat as I examined the situation of my parents.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Shane peeked outside through the glass window of the bus as it smoothly rolled towards her hometown. This was her last day in school for the week, and she was obviously exultant. She precipitously flashed back at the events of that week. Sam had neither called her nor texted for a week now! What was cutting through his cognizance? Shane wondered.